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Silver Raw Moonstone Necklace - Femininity & Love

Silver Raw Moonstone Necklace - Femininity & Love

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  • Echtheid edelstenen bewezen in het lab
  • Gratis & Snelle levering
  • Klantbeoordeling 9,8/10

About the Rough Moonstone Necklace

Are you looking for a unique Moonstone Necklace, but really unique? With the Rough Moonstone Necklace from Zenvya you can be sure that you can wear a beautiful and unique Necklace with moonstone!

Rainbow Moonstone is a whitish stone, with a blue sheen, which is different in every viewing angle. Sometimes you can even find a rainbow in it, hence the name! The stone is officially white labradorite, which you can also see if you place this gemstone next to a labradorite.

Rainbow Moonstone has a strong connection to the moon and feminine energy. Moonstone is known to aid fertility and other feminine powers. Many women experience the positive effect of wearing this stone. In addition to the general properties of moonstone, rainbow moonstone mainly works on the spiritual level and the stone represents a new beginning!

This necklace is made with a raw rainbow moonstone. Because of the raw material you always get a unique and own necklace with Rainbow Moonstone. The beauty of real gemstones is their unique appearance per stone. Fall in love with the Rainbow Moonstone by discovering the beautiful bluish or even rainbow-like shine!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stefan Boonen
Gewoon wauw!

Het was een cadeautje, ze is er heeel erg blij mee! Leuke verpakking en een heel mooi product. Zeer aan te bevelen ;)

Jami Wallenburg
100% tevreden!

Ketting met maansteen besteld als cadeau. Super leuk verpakt, ontzettend snelle levering en een super kwaliteit steen én ketting. Zeker een aanrader!

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