Love for Nature

Zenvya does business out of love for nature. Not only are we at Zenvya nature lovers, but so are our customers. That is why sustainability is our top priority. This means that we choose to do business in a sustainable and conscious way where possible.


Zenvya would not exist without the beauty of nature. To be able to give back to nature, 10% of our profit goes to Trees For All. In this way, Zenvya contributes to nature conservation and biodiversity.

Biodiversity is extremely important in 2022. More and more plant and animal species are being reduced by humans. And that while biodiversity is a crucial factor for the health of our ecosystem. When talking about sustainability, biodiversity is often overlooked, despite the impact it has. More biodiversity also ensures healthy living conditions for us. By planting trees with Trees For All, Zenvya aims to help stimulate and re-enhance our biodiversity.



When you have ordered your gemstone jewelry from Zenvya, you will receive it in an ECO-friendly jewelry box. The Zenvya jewelery boxes all have the ECO quality mark. This quality mark guarantees that the paper, glue and cardboard used are completely environmentally friendly.

Our shipping boxes are provided with the FSC® mark. The FSC® mark is your guarantee that the material used comes from an FSC® forest. This is a forest where, after the wood harvest, the soil has the chance to recover. This keeps the soil fertile and usable. This also means that the animal and plant kingdom in these forests remains protected and that forest workers enjoy good working conditions in terms of wages and safety, for example.

Furthermore, Zenvya uses sustainable materials with an ECO quality mark when packing. Examples of this are the tape we use to close the packages, the wrapping paper and filling paper.

In addition, our marketing materials are made from recycled paper, such as our business cards or handwritten cards.


Zenvya also does its best to do so in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way when sending our gemstone jewelry. The Zenvya collection is shipped from a central fulfillment facility. This ensures that the delivery service has to make one less journey to our address, which saves on fuel costs and ensures fewer exhaust emissions.


At Zenvya we separate our waste. Separating waste is very profitable. Materials such as paper, glass, plastic and batteries can therefore be largely reused. This saves new raw materials, energy and money. That is why we ensure that we separate our waste.


At Zenvya, we try to share our love for nature with our customers and followers. Zenvya mostly shoots her jewelery outdoors rather than in a studio. We think it is important that the jewelry is seen as part of nature instead of a commercial product. In addition, all Zenvya jewelry is exclusively handmade with natural and genuine gemstones.

Furthermore, Zenvya organizes an action every year on Earth Day. With this action we try to encourage everyone to do something good for the earth and nature. By participating you can win something.

Finally, you always receive your gemstone jewelry including a silver polishing cloth. At Zenvya, we think it is important that our jewelry lasts as long as possible and stays beautiful. And this way you can enjoy your beautiful piece of nature even longer!