Which size should I have?

On this page you can see which size we recommend for which piece of jewelry. Are you in doubt? Please always contact us first via info@zenvya.com.

What size chain?

The standard size for a necklace is 40-45 cm for women and 50 cm for men. A normal posture has been taken into account here. The chain then falls on the dimple. Do you want to wear the chain a little lower? Then take a longer length.

Which ring size?

Every hand is unique and a ring size is therefore different per person. Do you know your ring size? Then you can just order it. Don't know your ring size yet? First measure your ring size. On this page you will find more information about determining the correct ring size .

What size bracelet?

The standard size for bracelets is 16-19 cm. For a somewhat slimmer wrist we recommend 13-18 cm and for a somewhat firmer wrist we recommend 18-23 cm.