The story behind Zenvya

Love for nature, that's where it started at Zenvya. Nature has so many beautiful things around us, including gemstones. With Zenvya we want to inspire people and make them fall in love with nature by offering beautiful and natural gemstone jewelry.

We like to make people happy and we do that with gemstone jewelry. We deliberately call it gemstone jewelry, because our focus is on the gemstones. We do our best to provide every Zenvya jewel with a beautiful gemstone.

Be sure with Zenvya

The entire Zenvya collection is made with real (semi) precious stones. We do various investigations to guarantee this. We are also affiliated with Waarborg Nederland, where our precious metals are tested.

It has been a challenging quest to find the right products that meet our requirements. We also think it is important that the products can be worn with a good feeling.

That is why our products are made by people, in safe working conditions and at good prices. These people all share the same passion with us and this is reflected in the Zenvya jewelry.

We give back to nature

Zenvya wants to surprise people with beautiful quality gemstone jewelry and inspire with the meaning and stories behind it.

In recent years, online shopping has grown enormously and we are aware of that. This is not always positive for nature.

We try to take nature into account as much as possible. We do this by maintaining a sustainable stock, reusing materials and separating waste. In addition, our marketing material has been chosen as consciously as possible, such as ECO-friendly jewelery boxes, provided with the FSC quality mark, just like the business cards.

In addition, we donate 10% of the profit to Trees for All. Trees are planted in a responsible manner. When you buy Zenvya jewelry, you always give a piece back.

Discover the magic of gems

Be inspired and surprised with Zenvya jewelry. Discover the entire collection here .