De werking van edelstenen

The effect of gems

The effect of gems. Why does each stone work differently?

The effect of gemstones is fascinating! Each gemstone contains its own unique power. They have medicinal properties and have been used by mankind for hundreds of years to attract positive power and to drive out black magic . But why do gemstones have this medicinal effect? How do they work and why does one stone work differently than another? You will find out in this blog!

Gemstones and their history

Gemstones have been used for centuries. It was soon established that gemstones relieve stress and have many other powers. The Romans and Greeks were the first to use gemstones and their medicinal properties. For example, they were worn in jewelry mainly used during meditation.

Gemstones and their medicinal properties

Everything around us consists of energy . The people around us, nature and so are gemstones. Gemstones have a certain frequency. Because everything around us consists of energy and gemstones too, they can have a positive effect on your life and sometimes even solve physical problems.

Important: Gems should be viewed as a resource. In case of mental and physical problems, always go to a doctor or psychologist.

The 7 chakras

Have you ever heard of the 7 chakras? You will find this around your own energy field. Chakras are responsible for the distribution of energy. Each chakra has its own energy and property. If the chakra is disturbed, the energy flows can no longer run smoothly and you can get complaints.

What factors influence the functioning of gemstones?

What factors influence the functioning of gemstones? These can be several factors. From shape to the way the stones are cut. Below we go through the various factors with you:

The form

The shape of the gemstone can affect the effect. For example, smooth and round gemstones work differently from gemstones with angular shapes. Rough and angular gemstones mainly work for physical discomfort, while round and smooth gemstones have more effect on the emotional and mental aspect.

Angular shapes are also associated with masculinity and round shapes are of course more associated with femininity .

The transparency

Does transparency play a role in the functioning of gemstones? Yes, of course! Gemstones that are transparent, such as rock crystal, amethyst and opal, have an extra healing effect. It is also sometimes said: “The clearer the stone, the more powerful the effect”.


Colors also have a very big influence on the functioning of gemstones. Gemstones are available in different colors such as: red, blue, green, purple and white. For example, red helps with fatigue and a lack of energy. Blue, on the other hand, has a calming and protective effect. All colors have their own influences.

Cleanse and recharge your gems

Gemstones are extremely powerful, but it is important that you take good care of them and clean and charge them every now and then. How do you do that? That depends on the stone you want to clean. Some stones are self-cleaning and other stones you have to clean yourself. This can often be done with running water, but not all gemstones can withstand water.

Benefit from the power(s) that gemstones possess?

Do you want to benefit from the powers that gemstones possess? For example, do you walk around with negative feelings? Can't you get peace of mind? Or are you HSP and do you find it difficult to deal with this?

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Disclaimer: The effect of gemstones has not been proven and everyone can therefore experience it differently and / or in their own way. We recommend that you consult a specialist or doctor if you have health problems.

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