Edelstenen combineren

Combine gems

Combine gems. Is that possible?

Maybe you've tried it or thought about it. Combine gems. Can you make different gems work together so that you can benefit from multiple powers at the same time? In this article you will find out!

Combining gemstones is certainly possible

Combining gemstones is certainly possible. Almost all gems can be combined to take advantage of their different powers. Because suppose you absolutely love the powers of Labradorite, but also see a piece of jewelry in which different gemstones are combined. Is this still effective? you may wonder. Do the powers of Labradorite still work well, or are they weakened by the other gems?

Good question and we understand that you are wondering this. So the answer is no, the effects are not weakened by the other gems. In fact, the gemstones can reinforce each other, making them work even better. There are a number of good combinations for this that we will discuss with you.

How many tiles can I combine at once?

But how many stones can you combine at once? We always recommend 2 to 3 stones. More than this is possible, but this is often at the expense of effectiveness. Are you still quite young? Then it is often wiser to stick to a maximum of 2 gemstones.

What should you take into account

Often you buy a gemstone piece of jewelry to take advantage of various powers it provides. Do you long for more? Then you can buy jewelry in which different gemstones are combined. However, you have to take a few things into account.

For example, it is not wise to combine gemstones that have an opposite effect. An example of this is rose quartz and yellow calcite. If you are going to combine a gemstone with a calming effect with a stone that provides an active attitude and energy, it does not work well together. Also change the stones regularly. This is how you find out which stone works best for you.

Examples of combined gems

So what are examples of combined gems? At Zenvya, for example, we sell the 'Golden triangle'. This is a collection in which we combine different gemstones in a beautiful piece of jewelry. That way you no longer have to look for gemstones that match well and you always have them with you in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

The trinity

This 'Golden triangle' is also called the trinity. This is a combination of three gems as the name suggests. These are: rock crystal , amethyst and rose quartz . This is a very powerful combination. They reinforce the effect of each other.

The gemstones together create a very positive and optimal energy flow. They connect the body, mind and soul. Rose quartz is the stone of the heart and love, Amethyst is the most famous stone from the quartz group and has a healing and purifying effect and rock crystal also has a very medicinal effect.

The 'Golden Triangle'

At Zenvya we sell the 'Golden triangle'. This is a combination of Amethyst, Rock Crystal and Rose Quartz. A powerful combination! You no longer have to search yourself, we have already done that for you. Are you curious about the 'Golden triangle'? You can find more information here.

Disclaimer: The effect of gemstones has not been proven and everyone can therefore experience it differently and / or in their own way. We recommend that you consult a specialist or doctor if you have health problems.
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