Welke edelsteen past bij mij?

Which gemstone suits me?

Gemstones come in different shapes, sizes, colors and all have their own special effect. But which gemstone suits you and how do you choose the right stone? In this blog we will help you with that!

To choose a gemstone, it is important to first know what a gemstone is and how it works. A gemstone, just like humans, consists of energy. Actually, everything consists of energy, including animals, trees, thoughts or the earth. This is also called vibration. All vibrations influence each other.

Functioning of gems

If you hold or wear a stone, the energetic vibration of the stone will be taken over by your body and vice versa, your energetic vibration will be taken over by the gemstone. This allows an imbalance in the body to be restored. The gemstone can become very warm or even hot when you hold or wear it. This means that he takes over a lot of your 'heavy' energy from you.

In addition to affecting the energetic body, it will also have an effect on the physical, mental and emotional body. That is why gemstones not only help with physical complaints, but also help with an emotional, mental or energetic imbalance.

The chemical composition of a stone also influences its effect. The minerals it contains will be absorbed by the skin. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs substances it comes into contact with. In this way, the substances enter your blood and therefore throughout your body. Each gemstone is unique and can contribute to your well-being in its own way.

Which gemstone suits me?

There are many different ways to choose a gemstone. Is one better than the other? No, there is basically no right or wrong, as long as it feels right to you.

Are you just starting out in the world of gemstones and find it difficult to follow your gut? Don't worry, you're not the first to find this difficult. There are different ways to choose a gemstone and we will tell you which ways are possible.

Choose gemstone by feeling

First of all, I advise you to choose a gemstone based on feeling. I put this at number 1, because I have a very nice experience with it myself. When I just started with gemstones, I chose a stone by feel. I let myself be guided on the basis of feeling and the special thing was that the effect immediately suited what I was looking for. Now I have to say that I am also very spiritually inclined and have always lived from my feelings. This can be difficult at first, but practice makes perfect. Choosing online for the first time may also be more difficult, which is why I will now tell you what else you can choose.

Choose gemstone by effect

Each gemstone has its own effect. You can also search by operation in our webshop. What I often notice is that people are looking for, for example, a protective gemstone. Then I advise you to take a look at that operation. Stress is also an increasingly common complaint and there are various gemstones that can help with that. If you want to surprise your loved one, take a look at a stone that works for love, for example rose quartz is the stone when it comes to love.

Choose gemstone by color

We as humans are influenced by colors, often more than we realize. Color is closely associated with various aspects of life. It is therefore no wonder that we are attracted to certain colors in life. Colors have healing properties, just as much as the gemstones that have those specific color characteristics. Red gems ( garnet or ruby ​​) have a stimulating effect and help to build vitality on a physical level. Red also represents intimacy and blood circulation. Blue gemstones ( Labradorite ) are cooling, calming and relaxing to the body system. These can aid in intellect, learning and self expression.

Choose gemstone by type

Are you familiar with a gemstone and do you have a nice feeling about it? You can carry multiple pieces of the same gem with you. You can also read what its effect is per gemstone type. For example, you can choose the popular gemstones Rainbow Moonstone , Larimar or Labradorite .

Choose gemstone by month of birth

The story of the birthstones comes from the book of Exodus. Each stone represents one of the twelve tribes of Israel. According to legend, a Jewish scholar saw twelve stones on a breastplate. After his discovery, he made the connection that the twelve stones symbolized the twelve months of the year. Centuries later, monks and scholars wore the stone of that month and believed that the stones had special mystical powers.
Today, the selection of birthstones is no longer comparable to that of the original legend, but the thrust is still the same. At Zenvya, all gemstones are from genuine gemstones, so prices vary by month of birth. We base the sales price on the value of the material. Since ruby ​​is a somewhat more expensive gemstone than, for example, rainbow moonstone, there is a difference in price. Choosing by month of birth can personalize a gift for someone else, which is often appreciated. :)

Choose gemstone by zodiac sign

So you can choose by month of birth, but the 12 zodiac signs have also been linked to specific gemstones for a very long time. These are known as zodiac birthstones. In addition, each zodiac has several possible associated birthstones, which is why stones are often referred to as having an affinity with, rather than being specific to a particular zodiac sign.

Which gemstone should I choose?

All in all, there are an awful lot of ways and again, there is basically no right or wrong. Also, if it doesn't belong to your zodiac sign, it's not wrong. Just try to go on your gut and as said, practice makes perfect!

Feel free to contact us if we can assist you.

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