Drie edelstenen tegen angst

Three gems against anxiety

Fear is always a bad counselor. It brings unpleasant feelings and may hinder you in the choices you want to make. Gemstones against fear are then a good support. You simply carry them with you in the form of a piece of jewelry. You experience more peace and can more easily put fear into the background.

Anxiety can be caused by several factors. Think of unpleasant situations from the past, a trauma or phobia. Below we have highlighted three anti-anxiety gems for you. This way you can decide for yourself which stone suits you best. That can be rock crystal, but of course also larimar or labradorite.

Gemstone for anxiety: stones with a calming and purifying effect

Anxiety can rear its ugly head at the most diverse times. You feel rushed and unpleasant. Fear can hinder you in who you really want to be and do. You let yourself be guided by feelings of fear, which makes your world smaller and smaller. Gemstones against anxiety provide you with the protection you need. They have a purifying and stimulating effect, so that feelings of fear play a less important role.

In this blog we have highlighted the three best gemstones against anxiety for you.

Rock crystal

If you regularly suffer from feelings of anxiety, rock crystal is a suitable gemstone. You wear this stone as jewelry. For example as a pendant on a chain or in the form of a ring. Rock crystal works healing and has an intense energetic effect. She balances you mentally and purifies the chakras. As a result, you are able to make good decisions, without letting yourself be guided by fear. Rock crystal is a gemstone that can be used for anxiety, but also has an analgesic and invigorating effect.


Anxiety is in many cases caused by negative external influences. These can be characters of people, but also energies and entities. Anti-anxiety gemstones, such as labradorite , ensure that this negativity is kept at bay. Instead, labradorite attracts positivity. You wear this gemstone around your neck, finger or wrist when you are afraid and forms a natural shield there. You live more in the here and now, are better able to trust your intuition. Do you experience anxiety because you are highly sensitive (HSP)? Even then labradorite is a healing gemstone.


Larimar is also a gemstone (or actually mineral) that can reduce feelings of anxiety. Wear larimar in the form of earrings, a pendant on a necklace or a ring. Larimar protects against anxiety and stress-related complaints. This mineral gives peace and balance both mentally and emotionally. The clarity you experience by wearing larimar ensures that you can fend off and switch off fear. In addition, this gemstone also helps you to make a deeper connection with your intuition and "being". Larimar also stimulates the body's self-healing capacity and has a pain-relieving effect.

Wear gemstone jewelry against fears

Wearing jewelry with gemstones against anxiety can be done in many ways. You can choose earrings, necklaces with pendants or rings. Bracelets with rock crystal or larimar also protect you against feelings of anxiety. These gemstones block negative energies, clear your chakra and improve your intuitive ability. You make better decisions because you are no longer influenced by negative thoughts. The full range of jewelry with gemstones against anxiety can be found in our webshop.

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