Drie edelstenen tegen depressie

Three gems against depression

Do you suffer from depressed feelings or are you not feeling well and feeling depressed? Are you perhaps looking for a gemstone that helps with depressed feelings ? Then you can read in this blog which gemstones can support negative feelings or depression.

Feelings of loneliness, tiredness and sadness can throw your body and mind completely out of balance. When these kinds of feelings last for a long time, you may be dealing with depression. It is important to know that gemstones are not a substitute for medical treatment. Gemstones can support you, so use the gemstones in combination with a professional treatment.

In this blog I will tell you which gemstones can help against depression. These gemstones are also available as jewelry in our webshop. The advantage of gemstone jewelry is that you can wear it directly in your energy field and the stone can do its job. When you buy a gemstone jewelry from us, you know that they are real gemstones. We offer a 100% authenticity guarantee .

Three gems against depression

There are several gemstones for negative feelings that can support you. The list below consists of gemstones that I personally recommend. You will also find these stones in our webshop. If you don't have much experience with stones yet, I advise you to start with a small gemstone, bracelet or pendant. You can always email us if you are unsure.


One of my favorites against depression is Sunstone. The sunstone is peach-orange-pink in color with a beautiful shimmer in the stone, it's like the labradorite family of the feldspar, which gives it this beautiful shimmer. Sunstone gives body and mind a subtle energy and stimulates optimism . The gemstone is therefore often worn during winter depressions . Because the light is shorter and gray more often, people feel more gloomy in the winter and winter depression arises.

The sunstone is a powerful tool to start bringing joy and other positive feelings into your life. They have a strong solar energy and they reflect the warmth, strength and openness of the sun within them. The sunstone also helps to reduce stress.


Amethyst is a very nice stone against sadness and depressed feelings, because it helps you to convert negative energy into positive energy . The gemstone heals on a profound level, especially in areas of pain that are emotionally related.

Amethyst supports the body in healing the mind of all negative emotions, feelings of stress and fears. The healing properties of the Amethyst help rid the energy field of your body of all negative energies and influences, which provides more positivity.

rose quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of love , but also very supportive for people who are dealing with depressed or negative feelings . For example, do you have pain from the past that you haven't processed yet? Then this stone can support you energetically to deal with this.

It can also help you find forgiveness and begin to let go of pain . The stone also provides self love. This rose quartz brings soothing and healing energy to the Heart chakra and helps you to be gentle with yourself and develop self-love. Wear a rose quartz as a necklace over the heart chakra for effective healing.

Gemstone jewelry against depression

Do you find it difficult to say which gemstone to choose against depression? You may be using multiple sources and there are sometimes differences. The gemstones that I have described here, I have put together from my own experience and feeling. You can also make a choice based on your feeling. This can be tricky at first, but the more you practice this, the better it will go. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact me. You can also take a look at the webshop and make a choice there. We also have various points of sale, including at Naturalis. You can also take a look there.

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