Drie edelstenen voor de liefde

Three gems for love

Love comes in many forms, be it romantic, friendly or platonic relationships . Gemstones have been embraced by mankind for centuries. Not only because of their beautiful appearance, but especially because of the healing powers and energies that these stones carry.

Are you looking for a gemstone for love? Discover it in this blog. We are going to tell you which stones are most suitable for this, which we also have available in our webshop.

Gemstone for love

There are various gemstones that support love. We have listed the three most suitable stones especially for you, to make your choice easier...

rose quartz

The most famous gemstone for love is without a doubt the Rose Quartz ! This is a beautiful pink stone, to which it also owes its name. It is known as a real cuddly stone and is also soft and nice to carry with you. The rose quartz symbolizes giving and receiving love. In addition, it has a subtle, healing influence. It opens your heart, makes you empathetic and will boost your nurturing instinct. Pink quarter also increases your understanding. It is the stone of love!


Did you know that in principle there are only 4 gemstones, but that nowadays it all falls under the name of gemstones? Actually, the rest is all a semi-precious stone, but Ruby is one of the crystals, which falls under the gemstones. This is due to its high rarity. Ruby has a red color, which corresponds to love. It is a somewhat more expensive gemstone and therefore very popular to give as a love gift. Ruby is a powerful stone and activates the heart chakra, which is connected to love. Furthermore, it stimulates passion, passion, motivation and a positive attitude.

Lapis Lazuli

Another well-known stone in love is the Lapis Lazuli , with its beautiful azure blue color. The gemstone encourages involvement in both friendship and love relationships, helping you express needs to each other and express yourself emotionally. This allows you to communicate better with each other, which is of course very important for maintaining a good and healthy relationship. The stone will eventually strengthen your self-confidence and make you listen better to your intuition.

Which stone should I choose for love

If you choose rose quartz, you're always in the right place! This is because most people are familiar with it. If you want to give a more expensive gift and a more powerful stone, go for ruby! Would you like to give something different? Then go for the lapis lazuli!

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