Drie edelstenen voor rouw en verlies

Three gems for mourning and loss

Grief is pain that can occur after any kind of separation, change or farewell that someone experiences. Grief is the expression of the relationship with what or who you have lost. Mourning is the back of love and disrupts your life. Grief is a response to a significant loss. It's important to know that your sadness can be there, so you can eventually give it a place. You are also not alone, everyone has to deal with grief and sadness in his or her life.

Gemstones have been embraced by mankind for centuries. Not only because of their beautiful appearance, but especially because of the healing powers and energies that these stones carry. A very nice tool.

Are you going through a difficult period of mourning and loss and are you looking for the right gemstone? Discover it in this blog. We are going to tell you which stones are most suitable for this, which we also have available in our webshop.


There are various gemstones that can provide relief during periods of mourning and loss. We have made a selection of three gemstones, which we also have available in our online webshop as jewelry. By wearing a gemstone jewelry, the stone enters your energy field and the gemstone can immediately do its job .


Amazonite has a soothing effect on all kinds of different feelings and extreme mood swings, including anger and sadness during the grieving process. Amazonite helps make the processing process easier. The stone stimulates to act from your heart. This ensures that you can give the grief a better place and talk about it more easily.


Rose quartz is pre-eminently the stone of love . A beautiful soft pink stone. The stone offers comfort in times of mourning and loss. The stone has a loving and calming effect and works on the heart chakra. A fine and soft stone for healing and releasing.


Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone, it offers protection and gives you a sense of security . You need this to allow your feelings. The stone helps you accept sadness , that it's completely okay and that your sadness may be there. It is good to think about this, to feel your emotions in order to be able to give it a place like this.

Which stone should I choose for mourning and sadness?

You're in the right place with every stone you choose. It is good to see what suits your situation. Do you cry a lot from sadness or suffer from spontaneous crying? Then amethyst is the right choice! Do you suffer from all kinds of different feelings and extreme mood swings, which can be traced back to the grieving process? Then go for Amazonite! Do you feel restless both physically and mentally? Then go for Rose Quartz!

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