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Gemstone for pain

Are you or a loved one experiencing pain and are you looking for a gemstone that can support it? There are different forms of pain and in this blog we discuss physical and mental pain and which gemstones can help with that.

I always recommend that you consult a doctor or specialist in case of health problems and never see gemstones as a substitute.

What is Pain?

As mentioned earlier, you can experience both physical and mental pain and sometimes also combined. This is very annoying and is usually experienced as unpleasant. When your body experiences pain, you often think that this is a feeling, but this is a bodily function. This form is therefore not related to emotions or feelings and it is always important to deal with it wisely.

Mentally it is different. There are different forms of pain, such as the loss of a loved one, depression or a burnout. All these forms are not fun and you prefer to get rid of them permanently.

Once again, we recommend that you always consult a doctor or specialist in case of complaints, because gemstones are never a substitute for medical help and medicines. Handle it carefully!

Would you like to know more about what gemstones can do against pain? Then read on quickly.

Gemstone for mental pain

There are many gemstones that have a positive effect on mental pain. Always try to find out where your pain is coming from. Below I am going to discuss the most common mental pain, in which I refer to more information, which gemstone you can use with that pain.

Gemstone for mourning and loss

Are you or a loved one experiencing pain because you lost an important person or animal? Then I advise you to read the blog below, in which you learn more about a gemstone for mourning and loss.

Gemstone for depression

Are you not feeling well and are you not completely happy and maybe even depressed. Never forget that it is quite normal to discuss this with a specialist, such as a psychologist. You can also combine it.

Gemstone at Stress

Do you experience a lot of stress and do you experience this as painful? Then you could take a look at reducing stress, by finding out where the stress comes from. You can also use a gemstone to reduce stress, read that in the blog below!

Gemstone for physical pain

As we indicate earlier in this blog, we always recommend a specialist in case of pain. Especially when it comes to physical pain. Never view gemstones as a substitute for medicine. I will describe a number of stones that can help, but in situations like this I always advise to consult a specialist or to consult with your doctor. The gemstones I describe are also available in the webshop, which you can view via the button below.

Larimar is a beautiful light blue stone, which is also called the stone of Atlantis. You can, as it were, see the sea as a pattern in this stone.

Larimar gives spiritual and spiritual strength, so you can better deal with pain. Physically, Larimar stimulates the body's self-healing ability and has an analgesic effect.

Tiger eye
Tiger Eye gets its name from its appearance, which resembles a tiger's eye. Tiger's eye works protectively and focuses on the bigger picture. It is a stone that gives strength, courage and confidence in difficult times.

Physically, tiger eye promotes rest and has an analgesic effect. It also helps with overstimulation.

Black tourmaline
Black Tourmaline is the stone, which is known against radiation. It is a somewhat stronger stone, but no less! The stone has a strong cleansing and protective effect. It converts negative energy into positive energy.

Physically, Black Tourmaline cleanses the body of negative energy and converts it into positive energy. The stone has a positive effect on the immune system and pain.


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