Edelsteen voor rust in je hoofd

Gemstone for peace of mind

If you are busy in your head a lot, you can lose connection with your feeling and the body. This can then cause you to be restless or suffer from physical complaints, for example. In this blog we will discuss three gemstones that can help you to have more peace of mind.

Keep in mind that the effect of gemstones has never been scientifically proven. We always recommend that you consult a specialist or doctor in the event of health problems.

Different opinions on how gemstones work

Lately we notice that many questions are being asked that different advice is given within the functioning of gemstones. We make these blogs based on multiple sources and always look at the functioning of the relevant gemstone. This allows us to give advice that is as reliable as possible.

We do believe that the best way to choose a gemstone is to follow your gut. This can be very difficult at first, but we know from our own experience that the more you practice this, the easier it gets.


Amethyst is one of the most famous gemstones. It is a purple stone, known for its calming and protective effect. Amethyst supported to really unwind and relax.

Amethyst is also a very purifying stone and clears energy from yourself and teaches you to look at yourself again. Because amethyst has a protective effect, it also helps to close you off from negative energy, so that you can also get more rest. Furthermore, amethyst is a very spiritual stone and helps you to reconnect with your own and inner wisdom. This will make your mind one with your body again.

Take a look at the Zenvya Amethyst collection and discover the special effect of this beautiful, purple gemstone.

Rock crystal

Another very well-known gemstone is the rock crystal. This gemstone is transparent in color and has a very purifying effect, with an enormous positive and pure energy. Sometimes you can take over energy from negative things and rhinestone ensures that the taken over energy is cleansed and you get back into your own energy.

This healing stone purifies the body and brings your body back into balance, allowing you to experience more peace in your head through this gemstone. Because rock crystal is known for its purifying effect, for a clear mind, this is definitely a stone to get more peace of mind. Does this stone feel good to you? Discover our rock crystal collection .


Amazonite is a blue stone and refers to the Amazon, the largest river in South America. This gemstone helps to take matters into your own hands, so that you can get peace of mind in a different way. Unrest can also arise because you don't know what you want and then this stone is a beautiful stone. It supports willpower and makes you aware of your potential growth.

Amazonite also helps to look at a problem from different angles, which helps you to get out of an undesirable situation with the right steps. View the here gemstone in the webshop.

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