Edelstenen die helpen bij een burnout

Three Gems in a burnout

Three gems in a burnout

Three gemstones that help with a burnout, do they exist? Yes, of course! Are you experiencing a burnout and need to slow down. The gemstones we discuss in this blog will help you with that.

Burnout is caused by prolonged physical and mental stress and fatigue. You can't take it all anymore and your body pulls the emergency brake. “It can't go on like this anymore” it tries to tell you. In this case, listen carefully to your body and give it some rest so that it can recover properly.

A burnout is often treated by a doctor or other professional, but there are also gemstones that can support you in reducing fatigue and stress and that can give you energy again.

More and more people are getting burned out. According to TNO, there are two main reasons for the increase in the number of burnout complaints. First of all, people experience less freedom when they are at work. Second, more is being asked of them. Below we discuss three gemstones that can support a burnout:

Garnet gemstone

The first gemstone that helps with a burnout that we are going to discuss with you is the ' garnet ' gemstone. Many people will think of a precious blood red stone when they hear garnet gemstone that can be compared to ruby. However, garnet is a collective name for a much larger family of very hard crystals. The garnet stone can be red in color, but it is also available in many other colors, such as;

  • Orange;
  • Pink;
  • Green;
  • Brown;
  • Black;
  • And colorless white.

The garnet gemstone stimulates the absorption of various minerals and vitamins. The stone improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. It also gives you energy and strength, which is very nice if you are experiencing a burnout.

Why is this gemstone so nice if you have a burnout?

The garnet gemstone can be very pleasant if you suffer from a burnout. Why? Because the stone gives you strength and works stress-relieving. In addition, it is a great support for overwork and situations that seem hopeless.

Aquamarine gemstone

The 2nd gemstone that helps with a burnout that we are going to discuss is ' Aquamarine ' Aquamarine is a blue-green gemstone. The stone has a calming effect and also makes you alert and purposeful. It balances the body and mind and ensures a relaxed and cheerful attitude.

With a burnout you are often angry, irritated and stressed. The Aquamarine stone illuminates these emotions and helps you to be honest and tolerant. If you have to have a difficult conversation, or are going to resolve a conflict, this is the perfect stone to wear.

Malachite gemstone

The 3rd gemstone that helps with burnout is the ' Malachite ' gemstone. This is a powerful stone that protects you from radiation, pollution and other negative energy and dangers. It is a very nice gemstone during a burnout because it balances your emotions and makes you stable and more resilient.

The stone also reduces fears and has the unique property of bringing suppressed feelings and experiences to the surface. This brings out your negative thoughts and you can let them go.

Buy gemstones that help with a burnout?

Do you suffer from a lot of stress or maybe even a burnout? Then these stones can give you a very powerful and pleasant feeling. They can give you insight into your negative thoughts, so that you can turn them into positive thoughts. The stones have a calming effect and give you a lot of energy. All ingredients you need to remedy a burnout.

At Zenvya we offer all the above gemstones against stress. These are incorporated in, for example, a necklace, earring or ring so that you always carry the gemstone with you. Are you curious about our extensive range? Then take a quick look at our webshop.

Watch gems against burnout

The effect of gemstones has not been proven and can be experienced differently per person. We recommend that you consult a specialist or doctor if you have health problems.
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