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Gemstones during your pregnancy

Three gems for during your pregnancy

Gemstones for during your pregnancy. Do they exist? Yes, of course! There are a number of gemstones that can support you well during your pregnancy. In this blog article we want to discuss three of them with you.

  • Moonstone
  • Amethyst
  • rose quartz

Support during your pregnancy through gemstones

Taking care of yourself is obviously very important. Especially during your pregnancy. That is an intense experience in which a lot happens in your body. There are gemstones that can help expectant fathers and mothers during pregnancy and beyond.

As a mother, you sometimes experience pain and nausea during pregnancy. Anxiety can also play a role. How would the little ones fare? You can't touch him or her yet.

These complaints can also appear in expectant fathers. Although it is not about nausea, it is about concern and missing contact with their soon-to-be son or daughter.

Gemstones during your pregnancy can help

Relieving these feelings with medication and/or other narcotics such as alcohol is obviously a very bad idea. You not only have yourself with this, but also the little one. What is a much healthier option are gemstones.

Gemstones can support you during pregnancy and influence the growth of your baby in a positive way. But which gemstones should I buy, you may ask? There is so much choice. Do not panic! We will go through the three best gemstones with you:


The first stone that we are going to discuss is the well-known moonstone. Moonstone responds very much to the woman's endocrine system, which can be very pleasant during pregnancy. Moonstone works well on the second chakra and basically provides feminine strength and less stress.

Moonstone can also offer a solution for the father. If you both wear a moonstone, you can attune them to each other and the powers are extra stimulated. In addition, Moonstone can also relieve stress for fathers.


The second gemstone that we are going to discuss is the Amethyst gemstone. A well-known gemstone from the quartz group. This stone has a very calming effect and is perfect for women who are looking for positivity and protection. The stone also promotes your night's sleep, which is so pleasant with a small one in your stomach.

Meditation is a good way to relax during your pregnancy and stressful period. Amethyst is ideal for meditation. Place the stone in the room where you will meditate, or hold it in your hand for an even better effect. You will notice that you reach that inner peace faster and that you can come to yourself wonderfully. Forget the world around you for a moment.

rose quartz

Women in pregnancy often suffer from intense emotions and mood swings. Rose quartz ensures that you deal with this better. That is not only good for yourself, but also for your environment. Rose quartz is the stone of the heart and love.

While meditating, place it on your heart, or hold it firmly in your hand. You will notice that you will come to yourself faster and relax. Rose quartz soothes sadness and brings love.

The gemstones in a piece of jewelry

You can of course buy the aforementioned gemstones separately, but you can also get them in a beautiful piece of jewelry. This way you always carry the gemstone with you in an earring, bracelet or necklace. Zenvya has a wide range of gemstone jewelry. Our range also consists of Moonstone , Amethyst and Rose Quartz gemstones.

Disclaimer: The effect of gemstones has not been proven and everyone can therefore experience it differently and / or in their own way. We recommend that you consult a specialist or doctor if you have health problems.

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