Edelstenen voor als je hoogsensitief bent

Gemstones for when you are highly sensitive

Gemstones for when you are highly sensitive.

Does that exist? Yes, there are gemstones that can help you if you are extra sensitive and may have HSP as a gift.

As the owner of Zenvya, I am also an HSP myself and I know better than anyone how challenging it can sometimes be to deal with that. Although I also strongly believe that it is not only gemstones that can help you with this, I am convinced that this can make dealing with HSP easier.

In this blog I will briefly explain what HSP is and then I will tell you about a number of gemstones that you can use during HSP. I have selected these stones based on my own experience and which I have available on the webshop.

What is HSP?

HSP stands for (Highly, sensitive person). In short, it means that you are very sensitive. Sensitive to your surroundings, other people's feelings and loud noises are examples of this. Dealing with HSP can sometimes be very difficult. You are often misunderstood and you have an inner battle with yourself.

Do you find it difficult to deal with your high sensitivity? Then the gemstones we discuss with you in this article may help you. Also read this blog , in which I give tips on dealing with HSP, apart from the gemstones.

As I just mentioned, HSP stands for (Highly, sensitive person) and it means that you are very sensitive to certain things. These can be emotions of other people, but also sounds in your immediate environment. While dealing with your high sensitivity can be difficult at times, HSPs also have many valuable qualities:

  • HSPs are sensitive. This ensures that they can empathize with other people very well;
  • HSPs enjoy deep conversations and are very good listeners;
  • HSPs enjoy life and the little things in this life extra intensely;
  • HSPs think deeply before making decisions. This is not very useful in some situations, but it can certainly help you.

But despite these great qualities, the life of an HSP can sometimes be very difficult. They can't feel understood and can't handle stimuli well. They get overstimulated faster than other people and then need a moment in which they can be alone. HSP is certainly not a disease, but a character trait with different properties.

Gemstones for high sensitivity

Zenvya offers various gemstone jewelry, each with their own unique power(s). Keep in mind that there is actually no right or wrong, but you can do what feels right for you. I will now only tell you about the gemstones, which I have a good experience with as an HSP.


The first gemstone I am going to discuss is Labradorite. Labradorite can be found in different colors. The most common are: blue, purple and gold. The power of Labradorite is protection and positivity. Labradorite is often seen as the 'guardian stone' and keeps negative energy and feelings at bay. This stimulates positive energy. If you are overstimulated as an HSP, you often need positive energy and calmness, but especially protection, because you receive many stimuli.

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Amethyst is a purple variety of the mineral quartz and is the best known stone of the quartz group. Amethyst, like Labradorite, has a protective effect, but also has a purifying effect and helps you on your spiritual path. A strong feature of Amethyst is that it provides insight into emotional processes (so that painful experiences can be processed) and that it enables you to look at yourself honestly.

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rose quartz

Rose quartz is the gemstone of the heart and love. She opens the heart to receive love and to give love. The stone stimulates self-esteem, self-acceptance and attracts friendly relationships. It also has a calming effect on grief and traumatic experiences.

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