Welke Edelsteen geeft Kracht?

Which Gemstone Gives Strength?

Are you looking for a gemstone for strength ? In this blog I am going to tell you which gemstone can give strength. In principle, each gemstone has its own power and you can also choose a gemstone for an effect, such as against stress or depression . But are you looking for mental, physical or spiritual strength? Then read it in this blog!

How Gems Work

Before I tell you which gemstone you can use for power, I'm going to briefly explain how gemstones work. I do this so that you can understand why a different gemstone is advised for every complaint.

In addition, I can understand that the search in gemstones is challenging. Often you will find different information about, for example, the functioning of stones everywhere. I try to be as clear as possible about the effect and the stone, which I do based on my own experience. I have been spiritually active since my puberty and use gemstones to feel more comfortable or more powerful. Because I was and still am so enthusiastic about the effect of gemstones and the beauty thereof, I started Zenvya, among other things.

I will now tell you which gem you can use per power. I have selected the gems based on the effect and also which ones are available at Zenvya. Keep in mind that the effect of gemstones has never been scientifically proven and that you always consult a doctor / specialist in case of health problems.

Gemstone Spiritual power

Would you like to strengthen your mental strength, which will make you stand firmer in your shoes? Then choose the gemstone Larimar or Labradorite. Below I will briefly tell you when it is better to choose one or the other.


Larimar is also called the stone of Atlantis . When you look at the appearance of this stone, it just looks like the seabed with a beautiful blue color of the sea! Larimar makes you believe in yourself to push your limits. The stone helps you with self-love, self-confidence and insight.

The stone helps to break through blockages and to ensure total freedom of mind. In addition, it also helps to release emotions such as fear, anger and jealousy .


Labradorite remains a favorite with us! The stone is different in every viewing angle and very suitable for people who are more sensitive than average.

Labradorite ensures that you are protected against negative influences, allowing you to think in a positive way and experience less negativity. The stone stimulates creativity and helps you to further develop an idea. The stone makes contact with the subconscious .

Physical strength

Do you need more physical strength? Then choose the beautiful red stone carnelian or red garnet.


If you are looking for Physical strength, you may not be well grounded. With the Carnelian gemstone you ensure that you are well grounded and that you stand firmer in your shoes. It is therefore also a fine stone to ground. The stone works uplifting and makes you happier. The stone promotes the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals and also stimulates the metabolism. Because it also helps for good blood circulation in the body, it is an ideal stone for physical strength!


Garnet ensures that the self-healing capacity of the body is improved. In addition, it also helps to strengthen the immune system and promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals . Because of all this, this is also a very good stone for physical strength.

    Spiritual Power

    Are you on your way to your spiritual path and would you like a gemstone that can give you spiritual strength? Then the gemstones Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst are a wonderful choice. Let me explain you why.

    Lapis Lazulli

    Lapis Lazulli is a very spiritual stone and connected to it. The stone ensures that your third eye is opened and brings spiritual development and pure communication.


    Amethyst can often be recognized by its purple color, which is already a very spiritual color in the first place. But that's not the main thing. The stone ensures that spiritual energy is purified and communication with above comes through better. This crystal increases the spiritual in you and is a very well-known stone.

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