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Gemstone Zodiac Sign Taurus

Were you born between April 21 and May 21? Then your zodiac sign is Taurus. In this blog we will tell you more about which gemstones best suit the Taurus zodiac sign. Both the character and the positive and negative qualities of Taurus are discussed. With this blog we are happy to help you choose a gemstone for the Taurus zodiac sign. Which gemstone is most suitable for you?

The character of Taurus

A Taurus wants nothing more than to know where it stands. Comfort and security are very important to this zodiac sign. Taking risks is not in their nature. They are looking for both financial and emotional security. In addition, a Taurus is down to earth , does not like changes and needs regularity and peace. A bull stands firm and steady. On the other hand, they are loyal and kind-hearted . They love harmony, are true bon vivants and enjoy the beautiful things in life. Think of the love for art, music, movies, good food and drinks.

Pitfalls and core qualities Taurus

A Taurus is practical, earthy, artistic and persistent . The pitfalls include being slow, short-sighted, and self-indulgent.

Gemstone Taurus

There are several gemstones associated with the Taurus zodiac sign. Each gemstone connects to a certain situation, character trait or pitfall of Taurus. It's just what you need at that moment. The gems for Taurus zodiac sign are:

When to choose Rose Quartz?

Need some emotional support? Then go for rose quartz . A Taurus is loving, but sometimes has a hard time dealing with their emotions . Rose quartz helps with this. The stone helps to see your wishes and desires again. In addition, rose quartz stimulates to be kind to yourself and to give yourself something. The stone lets love flow and stimulates creativity . As a result, the Taurus will not quickly fall into a boring rut. Rose quartz is a good choice for the down-to- earth and practical Taurus .

When to choose Tiger Eye?

Do you want to step out of your comfort zone more ? Then go for tiger's eye . A bull stands firm, fixed and does not move quickly. It is very attached to the everyday routine and does not like change. Tiger's eye gives the wearer the feeling of decisiveness , this will make the Taurus move faster. The stone enhances the attentiveness and eye for detail. In addition , tiger 's eye makes you eager to learn . This is just the helping hand that a Taurus sometimes needs.

When to choose Malachite?

Do you want to be more just? Then go for malachite . The stone will enhance logical and analytical thinking for Taurus. The stone helps, among other things, to find the right choice of words. Something this zodiac sign sometimes has trouble with. Malachite also supports the positive qualities of Taurus. If a Taurus is angry, it can really be angry. Because the stone makes just , the anger will soften during a conflict. Malachite is your lifesaver!

When to choose Garnet?

Need more growth? Then go for grenade . The stone supports the strong properties of this zodiac sign and stimulates growth . In addition, grenade teaches you to think out of the box , outside the comfortable bubble that a Taurus is so attached to. It will bring out and reinforce the positive qualities more. This way the Taurus moves forward more easily and comes out of its shell more. Is this the stone for you?

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