Edelsteen voor het Sterrenbeeld Kreeft

Gemstone for the zodiac sign Cancer

Were you born between June 22 and July 23? Then your zodiac sign is Cancer. In this blog we are going to tell you more about which gemstones best suit the Cancer zodiac sign. Both the character and the positive and negative qualities of Cancer are discussed. With this blog we are happy to help you choose a gemstone for the zodiac sign Cancer. Which gemstone is most suitable for you?

The character of Cancer

A Cancer is sensitive and feels the energies of others well. Their intuition is highly developed. They always keep some distance in the beginning to protect themselves. It often takes a while for them to loosen up, but as they begin to express their feelings more you will see that they are very loyal and gentle by nature. Their self-confidence and independence are also becoming increasingly visible. A Cancer is known as a loving friend . They are also very romantic, caring and affectionate.

A Cancer is a real house sparrow ! Whether alone or with people he loves dearly. Comfort and safety are high on the list for this zodiac sign.

Pitfalls and core qualities

A Cancer is personable, loyal and caring. The pitfalls include meddlesomeness, nepotism, and entrenchment.

Gemstone Cancer

There are several gemstones associated with the Cancer zodiac sign. Each gemstone connects to a certain situation, character trait or pitfall of Cancer. It's just what you need at that moment. The gems for the Cancer zodiac sign are:

Choosing gemstone for Cancer

Below I am going to tell you which gemstones you can choose, in which situation.

When to choose rainbow moonstone?

Are you looking for more connection with your intuition and feeling? Then go for rainbow moonstone . It is the stone of perception, rest and reception . It will help you let go of control more and listen more to your own feeling. In addition, rainbow moonstone, just like this zodiac sign, has a strong connection with the moon. All in all, it is an ideal stone for Cancer!

When to choose rose quartz?

Do you want to open up more to others? Then go for rose quartz . As a Cancer, you are sensitive by nature and your sensitivity makes you distance yourself from others to protect yourself, which is a logical response. Cancer often lingers in this for a while. Rose quartz opens the heart chakra and makes it more receptive to vulnerability . The stone takes you back to childhood, a fearless and open period of your life. In addition, rose quartz is the stone of love. It teaches you to give and receive more love . An effect that closely matches the sweet, loyal, romantic and affectionate character of Cancer. The stone is a great tool for this zodiac sign!

When to choose opal?

Do you want to feel a little more stable ? Then go for Opal . A Cancer is sensitive by nature. If you control your sensitivity well, then this is a strength. If you have not yet mastered your sensitivity, this characteristic is a pitfall. You let yourself be carried away by all impressions both internal and external, which will exhaust your sensitive nervous system . This causes mood swings and irritations. Opal has a stabilizing effect and will reduce mood swings. In addition, it also allows you to see the bright sides of a situation. The stone makes this zodiac sign more optimistic and teaches you to reflect and understand your own emotions. Is this stone your support?

When to choose carnelian?

Do you need more focus and support? Then go for Carnelian . As a Cancer you work goal-oriented and you are reasonably good at organizing. The stone works supportively and will reduce your problems and stress, so that you can continue to focus on your goal. It makes you purposeful and pragmatic . Just what a Cancer needs sometimes!

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