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Gemstone for the Aries zodiac sign

Were you born between March 21 and April 19? Then your zodiac sign is Aries. In this blog we will tell you more about which gemstones suit the Aries zodiac sign. We also discuss the character of an Aries, looking at its positive and negative qualities. With this blog we want to help you choose a gemstone for the zodiac sign Aries, where we will explain in which situation, which stone you can choose.

The character of an Aries

An Aries is often someone who is courageous, lively and adventurous. These persons are independent. As a result, they are often ambitious, sexy, adventurous and charismatic. An Aries is combative and unbreakable, even in bad times. People of the zodiac sign Aries are often impulsive and don't think before they say or act. Aries is often candid, childish and open-hearted, but can also be emotionally distant. Aries finds it difficult to talk about feelings, especially when they are complicated.

Gemstone Aries

Various gemstones can be used with the zodiac sign Aries. Based on the positive and negative properties, we will indicate which is best in certain situations and hope to provide clarity when choosing a gemstone for Aries . We also only discuss the gemstones that you can find in the collection at Zenvya.

The gems that suit Aries are:

Positive Traits Aries

In the zodiac, Aries is known as the happiest constellation. If an Aries is present at a party, then the party business really gets going! The zodiac sign Aries is enthusiastic, a go-getter and likes a challenge. Aries makes complex things get off the ground. Also, the Aries has willpower to make everything go successfully. Aries urges others to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Because Aries is combative and wants to be the best at everything, he or she puts in 100% effort. Aries is honest and uninhibitedly open, so others know where they stand.

Negative Traits Aries

People with the zodiac sign Aries are often enthusiastic, but also impulsive. She often starts anything and everything, but is also a star in handing it over to someone else, or stopping if it doesn't go as expected. An Aries is easily bored and when the tension is gone, the Aries can run away. He or she will then look for the tension elsewhere, for example by doing something else. An Aries can be demanding and expect the same commitment or speed from others. When someone is slow or doesn't understand everything right away, Aries has no compassion. Because Aries can suffer from outbursts of anger, are critical, reckless and direct, an Aries does not mince words, they often scare other people off.

Gemstone for the Aries zodiac sign

When to choose aquamarine?

As described, an Aries is enthusiastic and often impulsive. If you want to work on this, the aquamarine is a pleasant stone. Aquamarine has a strong calming effect, both mentally and physically. It helps you to get into the flow and be more in the moment of life. Furthermore, it provides a clear mind, sharpens perception and promotes self-expression.

When to choose garnet?

If you're not quite into it, garnet is a perfect gemstone to wear! The stone is a nice support for overwork and helps with situations that seem hopeless. Garnet gives strength and energy. Garnet stimulates creativity, gives you self-confidence, perseverance and helps to break through limiting thoughts.

When to choose Ruby?

Do you currently know where you want to go? Then Ruby is a beautiful gemstone! Robijn works motivating and attracts success. The gemstone makes you strong, gives you a sharp look, concentration and helps to set realistic goals.

When to choose Sunstone?

If there is a stone that brings more rays of sunshine into your life, then it is the sun stone! The sunstone is a mood-enhancing stone and stimulates joy of life, optimism, decisiveness and self-esteem. This stone also boosts self-confidence and a positive outlook on life. It is a very effective stone against all forms of depression.

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