Edelsteen voor het Sterrenbeeld Schorpioen

Gemstone for the zodiac sign Scorpio

Were you born between October 23 and November 21? Then your zodiac sign is Scorpio. In this blog we will tell you more about which gemstones best suit the zodiac sign Scorpio. Both the character and the positive and negative qualities of Scorpio are discussed. With this blog we would like to help you choose a gemstone for the zodiac sign Scorpio. Which gemstone is most suitable for you?

The character of Scorpio

Intense emotional desires and strong will power defines the character of a Scorpio. As a Scorpio you are steadfast in pursuing goals, you are also very curious to find out how things work and discover them, you like to dive into science . Typical for this zodiac sign is decisiveness, determination, passion and assertiveness.

Pitfalls and core qualities

A Scorpio is bold, intense and thorough. The pitfalls include closed, calculating and dogged.

Gemstone Scorpio

There are several gemstones associated with the Scorpio zodiac sign. Each gemstone connects to a certain situation, character trait or pitfall of Scorpio. It's just what you need at that moment. The gems for the Scorpio zodiac sign are:

When to choose Garnet?

Due to the character of Scorpio, life sometimes feels hopeless, does this sound familiar to you? Then go for Garnet . The stone gives vitality and energy again and has a positive effect on your perseverance . In addition, the stone again gives life force, purposefulness, spontaneity and self-confidence . It also helps to break through limiting patterns. Just the push in the back that a scorpion needs.

When to choose Malachite?

Do you have trouble letting go? Then go for Malachite . Malachite brings you emotional healing and removes negative energy. In addition, the stone brings suppressed feelings and experiences to the surface, making it easier to make positive changes and to release blockages, inhibitions and negative behavioral patterns. It enhances empathy and understanding . Malachite is your lifesaver. As a Scorpio you can sometimes express intense emotions , for example if you are wronged you can become furious, you can also forgive and forget and it will take a while before you have grown over it. Malachite is the solution!

When to choose Opal?

Do you need more confidence ? Then go for Opal . Opal strengthens trust in other people, stimulates the imagination and will make you more lively . A promoting and 'uplifting' gemstone you could say. You are straightforward and down -to-earth by nature. Your only pitfall is vulnerability . You find it difficult to let others in completely and for them to see who you are. Opal will teach you to think positively and promote the appreciation and recognition of life. Scorpio is charismatic by nature . Opal will emphasize the sensual and attractive of this zodiac sign.

When to choose Tourmaline?

Are you looking for acceptance? Then go for Tourmaline . Tourmaline teaches you to accept and embrace the situation. It's part of who you are and that's okay. The stone gives you more overview and insight. In addition, blockages and negative energy are largely removed from you. This gives Scorpio the space to think quietly and to gain new inspiration . Because scorpion knows many extremes and can express his emotion violently, this can occasionally be an obstacle for both the environment and the person. Tourmaline is your tool!

When to choose Ruby?

Do you need to strengthen your positive character traits? Then go for Ruby . It is a powerful stone and activates the heart chakra, which is connected to love. Furthermore, the stone stimulates passion, passion, motivation and a positive attitude. Robijn ensures that you can use your strength when necessary. It helps the Scorpio with the steps to be taken every day and makes it all just that little bit easier.

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