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Gemstone for the zodiac sign Libra

Were you born between September 24 and October 23? Then you fall under the zodiac sign Libra. In this blog we would like to tell you more about gemstones that match the zodiac sign Libra. Discover which gemstone suits you best!

The character of Libra

Libra connects people . They are the team players in society. A Libra has good communication skills, is a good listener, they can put themselves in another person's shoes and provide justice. Libra symbolizes balance and harmony . They also have good taste , an endless search for beauty , are elegant and have charm. With their charm and empathy, they make good leaders. On the other hand, they can also be vain and indecisive . Libras avoid confrontation . They attach great importance to a good atmosphere. They will not easily express emotions and get angry, this is difficult for them.

Pitfalls and core qualities

A Libra is mediating, impartial and communicative. The pitfalls include not having an opinion of your own, being too rational and everyone's friend.

Gemstone Libra

There are several gemstones associated with the Libra zodiac sign. Each gemstone connects to a certain situation, character trait or pitfall of Libra. It's just what you need right now. The gems for the zodiac sign Libra are:

- Aquamarine

- Rose quartz

- Tourmaline

Choosing gemstone for Libra

When to choose aquamarine?

Are you looking for a stone with a calming effect? In that case, go for aquamarine . The stone helps Libra to focus on his or her goals . It clears the head and helps to express one's own opinion. It stimulates success and makes you goal oriented . The stone reduces anger , irritation and stress and helps to be honest and tolerant. This makes it a good stone to carry with you when you want to talk out a conflict or have a difficult conversation. Ideal for Libra.

When to choose Rose Quartz?

Are you looking for a stone that stimulates love ? In that case, go for rose quartz, the stone of love . A Libra loves romance and love. Rose quartz symbolizes giving and receiving love. It opens the heart, makes you empathetic and will boost your nurturing instinct . An important stone for this zodiac sign.

When to choose Tourmaline?

Are you looking for more balance ? Then Tourmaline is the best choice. Tourmaline cleanses the aura and the body . In addition, it removes negativity . This balances the chakras, the body and emotions. A Libra is gullible and impressionable . The stone has a protective effect , exactly what a Libra sometimes needs.

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