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Maintain gemstone jewelry

How do gemstone jewelry stay beautiful?

At Zenvya, all jewelry is provided with real gemstones. To be able to enjoy these beautiful gems for a long time, it is important to give the gemstone jewelry the right care. In this blog I will tell you more about the maintenance of jewelry with stones, what you should take into account and which stones need a little more attention.

Clean silver gemstone jewelry

All silver Zenvya jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver. Silver is a precious metal and will continue to shine beautifully if you regularly wipe the jewelery with a polishing cloth . Handy to know, every piece of jewelery with us comes with a silver polishing cloth as standard. There is also a jewelry box, in which you can safely store the jewelry.

Is the piece of jewelry ready for a makeover? A nearby jeweler is also an option to have it cleaned. Another option is to clean it yourself with a soft and damp cloth. Always be careful with soap and water, as this can have a negative effect on the gemstones and that is a shame. That is why we do not recommend swimming or showering with the jewellery. Taking a shower once is not a problem, but the swimming pool contains chlorine and this is not good for the gemstone jewelry.

Note: There are gemstones that should not come into contact with water at all! This can damage them. Below is an explanation:

Do not clean opal with water

Opal is an incredibly beautiful gemstone, with a profound play of colors. Opal is created as a filling of cracks or holes in rocks, but also in the formation of fossils. Characteristic is that this beautiful stone contains a lot of water. The stone is soft when first mined, but quickly hardens in the air.

Because it contains a lot of water, the color play can change when it comes into contact with water. This is of course a sin. Has this already happened? Then try putting it under a yellow lamp at night.

Tip : How do you care for Ethiopian Opal?

Other gemstones that cannot withstand water

Other gemstones that can also be affected by the water are: calcite, magnetite, selenite, lapis lazuli , malachite , turquoise and angelite.

Maintain gold gemstone jewelry

Zenvya gold jewelry can also be polished with the included jewelry cloth. Gold gemstone jewelery remains beautiful if it is occasionally polished with a cloth made in soapy water (preferably from green soap). Make sure you dry it well and be careful with the gemstone. Gently scrub the jewelry with a soft toothbrush. Then rinse the jewelry with a soft damp cloth and dry it with a flannel cloth.

Unloading and charging gems

There are a lot of stories on the internet about the discharge and charging of gemstones. A story that is adopted by many gemstone enthusiasts. However, it is not necessary to discharge and charge a gemstone. Why is this not necessary?

A gemstone consists of vibrations

A stone, like humans, consists of vibrations. The vibrations of a gem never change. On a molecular level, a stone never changes and therefore the energy does not either. It may be possible that your experience is different with discharging and charging, that the stone is different. We as humans are extremely changeable in our energy and you have therefore mainly discharged yourself and not the stone.

Energy that 'sticks' to gemstones

Do you need to discharge and charge a gem? Then we say no. That's not necessary. What you can do is clean the gemstone jewelry. With all objects, people and animals it can happen that a certain energy 'sticks' to it. But beware: the energy sticks to it, but does not change the energy of, for example, the gemstone itself.

When you receive a gemstone jewelry from Zenvya, it may still have an energy attached to it. You can remove that by cleaning the stone with white sage, palo santo or incense. This is the safest way, because not all gemstones can withstand water.

Storing gemstone jewelry

Store your gemstone jewelry properly. Not all gemstones tolerate each other's presence. It is best to store jewelry with gemstones separately in a box, so that they cannot damage each other. The Zenvya jewelry box, which you receive for free with every piece of jewelry, is perfect for this. ;-)

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