Wat zijn chakra’s en welke kleuren edelstenen horen daarbij?

What are chakras and which colors of gemstones are associated with them?

You've probably heard of chakras. But what are these actually? In this article we tell you everything you need to know about chakras, and which colors of gemstones are associated with them. Our body has 7 energy centers (chakra). So there are also 7 chakras, each with its own unique feature and color.

What are chakras and what function do they have in the body?

As mentioned above, our body has 7 energy centers. They are all connected with each other like a wheel and are located in strategic places in the body. There they each have their own strength and color. Keeping the “wheel” in balance is important. Chakras that are well aligned and powerful enough ensure that you feel good about yourself.

 As a result, you are more connected to your subconscious, you feel calmer and generally happier. Stimulating or opening a chakra can also be done by wearing the right color gemstone. Below you can read what the different functions of the 7 chakras are and which color gemstone goes with it.

1st chakra: Root chakra = red

In Sanskrit, the root chakra is also called Muladhara. The 1st chakra ensures that you can connect to everything that is earthly. Also with the earth itself. In addition, the root chakra gives you the ability to transfer this knowledge to others. For example, by convincing the people around you of the fact how important a healthy lifestyle is. This chakra is located in the area of ​​the coccyx. The color associated with this is red. If you want to strengthen the root chakra, jasper is a suitable gemstone.

2nd chakra: Sacral chakra = orange

The second chakra is also known as Svadhisthana. If this energy center is well balanced, you can enjoy the little things around you more. You are an inspiration to yourself, but also to others. The sacral chakra also provides positivity and creativity. This chakra has the color orange. A gemstone that helps you to strengthen the sacral chakra is calcite.

3rd chakra: Solar plexus = yellow

Another name for the solar plexus chakra is Manipura. The matching color is yellow. By strengthening or balancing this chakra, you experience more decisiveness and courage. You are not afraid to take a risk and present yourself as a true leader. Being responsible and taking responsibility fits very well with the solar plexus chakra. A gemstone that fits well with this is honey calcite.

4th chakra: Heart chakra = green

This chakra with the color green stimulates self love, but also your love for the people and animals around you. Anahata, as this chakra is also known, also represents emotional involvement and intelligence. In addition, this chakra has a motivating effect in achieving set goals. It gives you the peace and patience you need. A gemstone that makes this chakra stronger is adventurine.

5th chakra: Throat chakra = blue

The throat chakra is located near the larynx and thyroid gland. When the Vishuddha is in balance, you have the power to stand up for yourself. You don't find it difficult to say it like it is, you can convince others more easily and you feel more connected. With yourself, but also with the people around you. A gemstone that you can wear to open this chakra is angelite. This stone brings inner peace and calms.

6th chakra: Third eye = purple

Ajna, or third eye chakra, provides good intuition. You can make decisions based on your feelings. This chakra develops your intuitive ability. A gemstone that fits very well with this is sodalite. This stone ensures that you can relax more, but also develop a strong vision.

7th chakra: Crown chakra = pink

The crown chakra is also known as Sahasrara. This 7th chakra ensures that you can leave the past behind you so that your gaze is more focused on the future. The crown chakra also provides more connection with the cosmic around you. If you want to make this chakra stronger, you can wear a gemstone jewelry with amethyst. This stone has a purifying effect and protects you against external influences.

Strengthen all your chakras with Ethiopian opal

Do you want to balance all energy centers in your body? Then you can wear a chakra combination or a gemstone that affects all chakras. Ethiopian opal contains all of the above colors. In addition, this gemstone provides you with more optimism and zest for life. You can enjoy the little things in life, it supports the body's self-healing ability and has a purifying effect.

Ethiopian opal supports all 7 chakras. You experience more balance in your mental, emotional and physical well-being. This stone is therefore often worn by people who suffer from adrenal complaints, Parkinson's and physical infections. You can wear this colorful gemstone in the form of a bracelet, but beautiful earrings or rings with Ethiopian opal are also available.

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